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speks tin - magnetic fidget stones

speks tin - magnetic fidget stones

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TANTALIZING TACTILE FEEDBACK: It’s like putty without the mess. Mashable dough without the clean-up stress. Cloud nine bliss and nothing less. Meet Crags - ferrite putty that takes tactile feedback to grin-sparking extremes. Every set comes with over 500 ferrite stones in a metal tin. Mash ‘em, mold ‘em, stack ‘em, and feel anxiety slip away as the rocks slip past your fingers. Pro Tip: grab your Crags before work video calls and fidget through the mind-numbingly boring shenanigans.

ASMR ON DEMAND: Yeah, you’ve watched the videos. They’ve made you feel things; oddly satisfying, tingly things. We’re talking about the ASMR clips with sound so titillating your eardrums need a cigarette afterward. And now with Crags, you can get your serving of sonic ecstasy whenever you please. Crush these fidget toys for adults in your palm and send a tingle up your spine. Drop them back into the metal tin and invite a smile. Slither them onto your desk and feel your toes curl a bit.

CROWN YOUR DESK: Crags aren’t just incredibly calming. They don’t just boost your focus and seduce your senses. They also take your office desk decor to the next level. You’ll love the contrast between the matte white tin and the lustrous black ferrite beads. Keep the stones contained in the tin whenever you want a clean look. And when you want to grab attention and spread some envy, mold your Crags into the coolest shapes, leave them out, and watch your co-workers drool.

MADE TO LAST: Meet your new heirloom! Just like our other stress relief toys for adults, Crags are made with palm-pleasing posterity in mind. No dealing with ferrite fidget toys that crack after week one. No wiping questionable powder off your hands whenever you fidget away. These sensory toys for adults feature heavy-duty ferrite stones that withstand all the mushing and stacking. And see that beautiful color? It stays striking to ensure that compliments keep coming.

BE AN EPIC GIFTING GURU: Looking for stress relief gifts for adults? Stocking stuffers that will steal the show? Co-worker gifts to buy everyone’s love? A gift to cover for a mistake your boss will learn about next week? Crags are just what you’re after. Just to be safe, grab a couple of extras. This way, you’ll never be pulling your hair out wondering what to get for anyone’s birthday. You’ll just grab your Crags, throw them in a gift bag, and wait to see the moment someone’s life peaks.
AGES 14+: Keep away from all children.

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